The nightmare

It would be a bright day. Not cloudy, not melancholic, not dark and obscure but a bright day with a clear azure sky. I would be alone throughout the time on a country road. The road would always be familiar to me. I would think there is a bridge at the end of the road.

I would start walking down the road towards the bridge. But then a fear, an unknown fear would surface my mind. But yet I would keep walking the walk.

Something would tell me to not walk any further. What is it? Perhaps a voice from within or someone behind me! I would stop on my track. And then I would see the bridge. No, I do not see a bridge, I would feel it is a bridge. It is a bridge, I think. Not a road, I can say for sure.

I would be reluctant to step on that bridge, but is it a bridge? Something from within me would not allow me to walk further or is it someone behind me?

My heart would start beating a thousand beats all of a sudden. All of a sudden there would be someone on that bridge, a mile ahead of me, who would start calling me to come with him. I would not know who he is but something would tell me that following him would not be correct for me. Crossing that bridge would not be correct for me.

But then it would strike me that I have been to that place before. I would then know that I am in a dream. I would try to come out from that dream before I step on that bridge. I would yank myself vigorously, I would try to open my eyes!

I would then be gradually aware of my bed, my room, the whirling of the fan, the silence of the silence! But yet I would not be able to open my eyes. My body would be paralysed ,my eyes would be tightly shut and all that I could do is to listen to that silence.

I would realize that if I don't wake up now then I wouldn't be able to wake up again. I would realize that death awaits me at the end of the bridge. But how can I wake my self up? I try hard to open my eyes, I try hard to make a noise but all that I can shout is the silence of that silence.

Just one more time, I would tell myself. Just one more time wrench your body, with all your might. And I would try with all of my might, one last time,to save myself from dying.

This is not the first time that I have had this nightmare. I have been having this dream since my childhood. I do not know what it means but I am afraid of that dream.


  1. I had similar experiences a couple of times long time back.
    Very difficult to interpret dreams with certainty, even though there are many claims and counter claims from soothsayers as well as psychologists.

    1. What really irks and surprises me at the same time is the repetition of the same dream over and over again!

      Dreams are really weird, an epitome of absurdity.

  2. Aren't dreams a projection of our subconscious fears? There was a time in my life when some people played a lot of games with me merely to tame me. I used to have terrible nightmares in those days about nondescript forces and demons chasing me... But when I managed to rescue myself from those benefactors, the nightmares ended.

    1. That man on the bridge is perhaps one of my patrons, unsolicited patron!

      I so want to end my nightmares but the problem is that I haven't found out the real life demon yet. Perhaps it is the pretentious society , I am not sure.

  3. There must be a reason behind this dream specially when its repeating, dreams are the outcomes of our sub conscious and unconscious minds though most of the time we dont analyze them or ignore them saying "Oh its just a dream".
    If you think deeply may be you will find out from your memory lane that there is any incident in your childhood days which has left a deep impact in your thoughts and feelings...something related to death...may be.
    I think if you visit any psychologist then you will surely know the reason and believe me it will be an amazing experience
    At the end i must have presented it very nicely...the coining of words i mean.

    1. I have always been infatuated with the concept of death and birth. Although I won't be quick to give the nightmare that reason. You are right, we need to analyse our dreams because it is the utmost abstract from our mind can create during sleep.

      I do think I would need, eventually, to see a psychologist but I would wait for the severest moment :) . Thanks Jyotirmoy, your comments mean a lot on my blog.

  4. Try one thing that you never did before, perhaps from your childhood. You never know what is there on the other side, unless you cross the bridge. At least finish the unfinished long story.

    1. Such a pleasure to have your comment here, Mishra my friend:)

      I am afraid of finishing the story. Afraid of what lies ahead, in that abyss. We fight our demons, don't we? I need to fight this fear of mine. Perhaps something good is out there across the bridge. But until then I want to keep off from this nighmare.


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