The tentacles and marriage

My so called friends are getting married. They are! those dirty and slimy creatures who were obnoxiously itchy and bed ridden with termites are now getting married. Okay, they have become humans after all these years, perhaps, but they are getting married!

Ah, so it is indeed true that after a certain age, when young people start becoming old, they start growing vampirical, societal and subjugating tentacles; perhaps hundreds of tentacles, each for a specific purpose- one for becoming greedy, one for gluttony, one for lust, one for having babies, one for showing off big houses and cars, one for killing the dreams of their better half, one for killing their own dreams, one for killing the dreams of their children and many other such ones.

I am sorry if I am offending anyone here. Please do not get offended by a moron who has lost a tentacle- the one capable of loving anyone other than himself. No, not lost but broken!

A week ago or so, I got into a conversation with one of my colleagues while in a bus. I argued that we do not need much resources to keep ourselves alive, but when we get into a forced down societal marriage we start growing many such tentacles and thus make our resources scarce. He became sentimental, I think. He started shouting arguing that it is the way this society works. First we are taken care of by our parents, then we take care of our parents and then we are taken care of by our offspring. A sapling becomes a tree and bear fruits and those fruits give new saplings and the cycle repeats!

I argued asked him if it really matters to bear the metaphorical fruits or seeds or whatever when we have billions of them in our nation, already. He looked into the world outside, that was moving past him through the window frame of the bus. Yes, he took the window seat and that made me argue converse with him. He, after getting a bit philosophical, looking at the relative motion of things outside his frame of reference, said that it may not be about giving birth to a child as much as it is about getting emotional support from them, the way we are giving now to our parents.

Ah! Ah ha! So, there is one more tentacle growing behind his back! the tentacle of deriving emotional support from his future saplings! What selfishness is that! No, I cannot term it as selfishness. It is a need to many. And a need is never selfish. A need is a need which is a need derived from a need because of a need!

"I am saving for my retirement" I said and added "I will save enough to gift myself a luxurious old age home when I get so old as to not be able to wipe my own ass"

"To each his own" He said in a condescending tone.

"Yes, to each his own and thus they have thousands of freaking tentacles" I thought but didn't respond to him. All that I wanted then was a window seat. Just a window seat. And a book. And a headphone with good music. Oh, look! I have my own tentacles, although a bit different.


  1. The world certainly doesn't need any more human beings. But people need mates if only for companionship.

    1. Tomichan, lucky are very few who get an understanding company for the rest of their journey. The unlucky ones either suffer a lifetime of bitterness or learn to enjoy their own company.

  2. I must admit I'm lucky in this regard.


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