Try counting the stars

Have you ever tried counting the stars on a benevolent cloudless night? How far were you able to count the distant glitters splattered on the dark canvas? How much was your count, supposing you actually started counting? One hundred? A Thousand ? Were you able to reach to the count of 1.2 billion stars?

I am sure it is impossible for anyone to gauge a number that big! We are living amidst such a big number. Of course I know you know I know that you know that we are in a secular nation. But do I know that you know it for a fact?

Sir! And Madame! We in this nation have a sheath. A big sheath of indifference. I am talking about the We that we carry as a commoner not the We that some mighty saffron organization shout out in their anthems.

I am talking about that We, the we who just want to survive one day at a time, who look forward to the next day hoping that it gets better than the past and the present, who suffer from the wrath of random events and yet desperately latch to the personal religion forced down by our ancestors.

I am talking about that We. We have a big sheath of indifference to your propaganda and agenda. How much have you tried counting us till now? We are beyond your diminutive pocket sized cognizance.

But yet you try to permeate through our sheath with your unholiest of holy filth! You try desperately to leverage our personal faith, try to insinuate filthy reasons for the wrath of randomness we face sometimes.

Among the stars, you sight the ugliest ones, the dwarfs, the fringes and then try to color the infinity with hatred that you carry within your saffronised entrails!

Have you tried counting the stars? Have you? Try counting the infinity, sir! Try counting! You are nothing but a dot, an ugly dot amidst the infinity. Crushed, you will definitely get crushed. The question is when.

It takes time for the stars to throw their lights. It takes time! But reach, they definitely will and obliterate you to nothingness. The question is only when.

Till then, try counting us! From a distance. Your filth shines better in the darkness. Keep counting us from a distance. Try reaching near to us, and the question of when will be answered very soon.

(Some thoughts after reading 60 pages of The ministry of Utmost Happiness) 


  1. According to the government, as a true Indian, your duty is to pay taxes and accept what is shoved down your throat without a murmur of protest.


    1. Yes, one should pay taxes for a house full show of riots and an electoral season of blood bath. The holy blood bath.

  2. Ms Roy is boiling your blood, it looks like.

    1. I am treading my path carefully. Words have power to change ideologies.

      And what she has written is not a fiction. No, definitely not a fiction, although a fiction!

      I want to keep an unbiased view but so far what's been written is true and unbiased! Enough to boil my blood, anyone's blood!

      Yet, I am trying to tread my path carefully.


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