Who is at fault?

How do you win an election? By becoming everybody? I wish! By becoming everything? Ask the dalits! By breaking a fundamental law of physics? By breaking the backbone of Newton? By misusing Einstein's E=mc^2? By inflating length, 1 inch is equal to 56 inch? By equating the time, 2002 is equal to 2014 is equal to 2019?

You can never break a law of physics, can you? An object in motion will continue to be in motion until and unless an external force is applied to it.

You find yourself solving a question on Physics.

1(a). Given that a train is in motion with believers in Orange travelling at a speed of 80 km/hr, how much force would the believers in Green make to stop that train? [10 marks]

1(b). Also show that Newton's third law is valid in such situation. [5 marks]

[Assume realistic mass of the train and unrealistic forces of the system in control]


Take the speed of the train and multiply it with the mass of the train- Final momentum. Assume an initial speed of the train to be the same as the speed taken to forcibly lay bricks to a mythical temple, and multiply the mass of the train to that speed- Initial momentum

Subtract the final momentum to the initial and divide it by the time taken to reach the final momentum.

You will get the amount of force with which the train was travelling.

If the believers in Green were to stop the train they would have to apply the same force, according to the Newton's third law of motion.

So they must have used the same amount of force, they must have! But the train didn't stop.

Who is at fault? Newton's laws? The mass of the train? The unrealistic forces of the system in control?

The train didn't stop but with a metamorphosis from Orange to Saffron the train bellowed and whispered at the same time. Bellowed to the Greens and whispered to the rail lines that the time for a change has come. A change to fulfil the aspiration of the bricks laid to the myths to saffronise the entire rail lines.

Is the Newton's third law valid now? Who is at fault? The Newton? The Oranges? The Greens? The train? The bellows? The whispers? The bricks? Or the unrealistic forces of the system in control?

Who decides the forces of the system in control? The Oranges? The greens? The bricks or the entire rail line?

Inspired by The ministry of Utmost Happiness.


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