A firefly

The aura around her
That poise in her flights
So shy yet conspicuous
The naked eyes of mine
Asked her the reason of her smile

She says-

I am a firefly
I don't even try
To paint my light in the night
The twinkling in my eyes
The song in my mind
The whims of mine
I have the freedom
I have the rights
Conspicuous is my flight
The smile of my delight
Let me be the firefly
Let me fly high

I say-

Oh my love, my light
Your happiness
I cannot buy
I don't even try
Just let me die
By being the day
of your night
Won't hold you tight
You do have your flight
You do have your right
A pleasure to my sight
I let you fly high
fly high !


  1. Beautiful lines. Seem as effortless as the aura of the firefly.

    1. Thanks Durga ji. I love watching fireflies. They are in abundance at my place. :)


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