A monk amidst the monkeys

"It will take some time, my friend" posited Prankit with a fishing rod in his hand, sitting beside his friend on the banks of a local pond. Prankit was fond of fishing. It is a few of those solitary hobbies that he loved doing besides reading. It takes a lot of patience to catch fish.

"They are as clever as a cow and as foolish as a fox" he said to his friend. Prankit has very few friends in his life. Very few is an underestimation to the count of numbers of his friends because he just has a single friend in his life, the friend who was sitting beside him. He found a rare solace with him, which he never found amongst a bunch of monkeys, he believed.

"They seem to remember the bait, I assume. I will try to bait them with something else the next time I come here. I will bait them with some beefs, should I?" he asked his friend.

"Well, you can try but the question is how , since it is hard to get the stuff these days because of the righteousness of some Hindu-stanis amongst the Bharatiyas!"

"Oh, yes. It is a funny business nowadays, my friend. This entire society is funny. They establish societal structures to rule themselves and then they submit their will to those confined rightist structures. They write about being a free bird but love to be caged as a meek monkey"

"What is with you and the monkeys today?" Asked his friend. His friend finds Prantik quite weird. Prantik would often come with some stupid soliloquy on some random topics and would ponder the entire day on that. However, like Prantik, his friend is quite alone except for his sole company, of course.

"To be a monk amidst the monkeys is a rare ability my friend. A rare one."

"Monkeys? His friend asked him with a mockery on his face which hinted a slight doubt on the sanity hinged to Prantik's persona. Often times his friend found silent cobwebs hovering around Prantik and within those silence there hymns a sound of raphsodic cacophony which he tried to withheld within the confinement of his sanity or perhaps insanity, he was not sure of which.

"Are we not monkeys? "

"No, if you haven't followed Darwin much then let me tell you that we have evolved from monkeys and are human beings now for the devil's sake!"

"And yet, we seek the company of other monkeys! If we are that evolved then can't we be solitary monks? What stops us from being a solitary being? Why can't people mind their own business and do business with others without any attachments? The attachments I tell you make us suffer an Inferno's hell. No, we are still monkeys and we have not been evolved."

"Perhaps it will take time" his friend said.


"It will take time for you to catch the fish"

"And also, to become a monk amidst the monkeys" muttered Prantik with a salt of condescension.

From a distance an old man shouted at him. My boy, don't be alone there. Try to be with some people. What is with this fishing and you nowadays?

Prantik looked at his friend- his invisible presence, and smiled.


  1. If evolution continued a little further probably the new species would have been like your protagonist, minding one's own business.

    1. As the protagonist and his invisible friend believed, it will take some time. :)


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