I take back but fuck off

You see
Not always that I write like this
But then people come
And then throw their piss
And hence, happens this
Witness how they broke my bliss
Do read this piece, please
At least you will not miss
Won't dismiss the abyss
Will come to know the gist
And why I wrote like this

Okay here I go
Silence please

It has been just a week
New people, new surrounding
But I came to know the hidings
Where they uncoil their black wings
Was suffocating to say the least
Gentle meek people hiding their beast
Bitching kings and queens
Pretended to be priests
But creepily they released
Guns of mockery and silent beasts
Little did I know that they like to feast
On the honesty of beings
Wrapping their black ugly wings
On the pains and sufferings
Of the miserable beings
Things afflicting me
Do surface on the skin with crease
Pretententious not at least
I said what I say best to those priests
Hoping to seek honesty
But they released those beasts
To fleece my skin with crease
All the time kept on pretending
To be the priests
But I sensed some claws
With which they feast
Under the garb of pleasant mists
Shocking to say the least !
Least I expected from those yeasts
Did you hear the laughter of mockery?
Rising with unabashed cacophony
Behind those pretentious mists!
Ear to ear, teeth to teeth, tongue to tongue
I regret, what I did, I dived into the dung
Filthy smelly dungs, inside their untiring lungs
Untiring from laughing at my back
Dare to face the disgrace on my track
And not behind my back!
Will shatter the glasses, smack!
Pretentious nicety, might wreck!
Oh! So fake, that I might break you
And that's a fact
I have my own devices, weapons, tools and tact
A pen and a paper and thousand words in my bag
But I take back what I wrote back
Better to off track or side track for I lack
The need to answer back

But fuck off.


  1. Why such frustration?

    I have seen so many kinds of people that nobody can surprise me anymore. No shocks, no scandalisation, nothing. I know this is how people are.

    1. Frustration comes because of my optimistic self who somehow tries to believe that there exists at least a diamond in the coal mines.

      But everytime, each and every time, my optimism is given a serious blow by the people.

      Perhaps, this is how people are.

  2. The inner irritation penned down....
    People with different mindset will exist forever....we all have to accept this.

    1. Well said Jyotirmoy. Of course we have to accept people as they are. And most of the time they go worse than my expectations.

      We have to live with them either by being like them or ignoring them. I am learning my bit by ignoring them as much as possible.

  3. You seem to be quite at fury while penning it down. Pen and paper is the best way to vent out the bottled emotions...

    1. I have come to this phase in blogging that it has also become a space to vent out my turmoils and agitations.

      Such is the utility of writing things that it makes me hinged and satisfied after writing things with honesty.

      Thanks for visiting, Maniparna. I see very less of you on indiblogger.


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