Ma rulzzz !!!

I have a firm belief that communication is an engagement of both the listener and the speaker in a clear, concised and convenient form, where the roles of the speaker and listener should be interchanged in accordance to the context of the conversation and it needs to occur naturally without anyone imposing the other to remain in his/her previous role.

Communication uses tools which forms the basis of language. A language, just like evolution of species, has been evolved through a myriad of civilizations right from the beginning of early man.

Communication undoubtedly has been the only sole means for the survival of homo sapiens on a planet which doesn't treat anyone with niceties. Nature is cruel to everyone and to not communicate with others leads to the natural regression towards extinction.

We have seen communication in the form of cave paintings which shows the human tendency to record events for the present community of human beings and also for the posterity.

But as the civilization advanced, the need to maintain a uniform form of communication has lead to the development of structured language with emphasis on grammar rules and obviously on vocabulary.

One of my favorite novels of all time is 1984 by Geoge Orwell. To show the totalitarian nature of the world presented in that novel, ruled by the famously infamous organization The Big Brother, George Orwell showed a new form of thought control by presenting to the readers a developed language which has a rampant contraction and distortion of words, and minimalistic usage of grammar. It is believed, and I support the hypothesis, that controlling a language leads to the direct control of free will and thus free thoughts. If you cannot describe your anguish, your love, your pain, your sufferings through a wide range of meaningful words and appropriate selection of grammar rules then it is but obvious that your thoughts would get limited. It is because of this that sometimes poets find it hard to express their feelings through mere words available to them as gifted by the evolution of language and it is perhaps because of this that the novel Ulysses by James Joyce is considered to be a masterpiece. He had the courage to device new words and rules to present the nature of events that happens in the novel. His courage however deters maximum readers to proceed ahead with the novel. This however is a separate topic to have a discussion on.

Technology has played a big role in the development of language. Technology has made the world a smaller place to live in. English language is no more a language of the bourgeois as it has accepted words from not only Latin or Greek but also from Sanskrit and Hindi. Language is an evolution which can be observed in real time and doesn't require the help of Mr. Darwin or Mr. Lamarck.

However, having said that, I feel the technology is day by day leading people to use contraction of words more rampantly than that used in the novel 1984. People use "ur" to say your, 4m to say "from" and such and such, which I guess you can give an infinite examples to, for proving the argument.

I am not a grammar Nazi by any means. I do have my own limitations to the rules of grammar and agreeably have limited vocabulary but I hate to use the contraction  and distortion of words apart from occasional "Gn" to mean good night. If a structured language has to be used,  then it should be used in accordance with the structure defined through the evolution of the same, I believe.

There was a time when I had got addicted to the SMS culture that was so popular at that time. Obviously for the cost of words that needs to be considered before sending messages , I had to use the famous SMS lingo and I used so much of that lingo that in the English examination at my school, I, without any awareness, kept on using the word "coz" to mean "because". So much was it apparent on my answer sheet that our teacher made a point to belittle me in front of the entire class.

But even now with the advent of more advanced technology in communication, we still see the popular culture of contraction and distortion of words even in the age of WhatsApp and Facebook. "Ma lyf ma rulzzz" is what they write. If that is your rule then let that remain with you because I might understand the "Ma" as the word for "mother", given the reluctance of mine at using my intellect even in reading a simple sentence.

That's the point at which I would like to conclude this post. Our intellect is taken for granted by such users of neo-linguism. Of course at the end, what matters is the understanding of the context and not the usage of established words with proper spelling but from the evolutionary point of view won't it hamper our thoughts? Will we not impose the control of free flow of thoughts, through the natural process of evolution, by allowing the usage of such  "ma rulzzzz" ?

Do have a thought on it.


  1. sometime i need two-three days to understand what the sender actually wanted to mean because they use ridiculous words there,it happened with me many times in whatsapp chat(i rarely chat with people).

    very logically written, it was really very nice read.

    1. Thanks Jyotirmoy. In a way that helps me to distinguish people who respect literature and people who show their Ma Rulzzz :P.

  2. Language is dynamic and keeps changing with time. I'm not happy with the brutal murder perpetrated on English by the present generation.

    1. I can only guess how unpleasant it will be for you, an English teacher, to look at the sorry state of language used by this generation.


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