Exclusivity, privacy and space

Exclusivity. That is what matters, at least to me.

I have a strong opinion on this week's Indispire theme on privacy and space of younger generation. Since the concept of being young is relative, I will take the liberty to write here considering myself as a young being. Also, I consider myself as a late bloomer, intellectually. Hence my opinions and beliefs are the outcomes derived from literature and meaningful interactions, both of which were picked up very late in my life. Hence, if I am old because of my age, I am young because of my recently formed constructive habits.

One doesn't need special pairs of trained eyes to observe the tendency of younger generation to seek privacy and space. To them herds of people, commoners, crowd, mass, noises, hullabaloo and the obvious banality do not matter. Why would they like to share their space with those who lack individuality, originality and intelligence? Their existence do not depend on this pretentious society built upon by people who consider themselves as the crusader for morality based on their own prejudiced diminutive nimble minded brains which itself is a product of archaic and archetypal colonialism enforced by history and structured by instinctive evolutionary behaviours.

The advent of science and technology is rendering us more self sufficient and productive. The concept of currency and the utility of the same through globalisation has made us possible to stay independent in our own space without giving a fuck to the society. But this independence is financial independence. Can our space be defined by mere currency notes and digitisation of the ecosystem surrounding us? What about relationships, friendships, companionships?

Of course, younger generation seek individuals. They don't want to be left alone. Even a person who seeks solitude also seeks a companionship once in a while. No one wants to lead an isolated life and to be logical, no one can lead an isolated life amidst the crowd, a surplus population.

And this makes the strong sense of privacy and space even more important. Our generation seek individuals and not the entire population. It seeks personal space to be shared with those few individuals and not the suffocation of tightly packed noisy banal crowd.

To them the rule is simple. If they are being provided with exclusivity from individuals then they won't mind sharing their space with them, else the world has so many people that they can always find such individuals, eventually, without losing their dignity of privacy and space.

At the end what matters is exclusivity. And what I mean by exclusivity is the one to one unique relation that an individual can share with the other individual. If a person is capable enough to show the same kind of treatment, same kind of relationship with more than one person then their exclusivity turns into commonality. And our younger generation do not have the need and nor the desire to open their privacy and space to commonalities.


  1. What a perspective, you got it bang on Pranju, while I consider the Y2K kids different than the ones born in 80s and 90s. There is a vast difference in the way they perceive everything. And I completely agree exclusivity is the space they seek, they are more open yet closed, they are social yet not. I think its the exposure and a sudden transformation of the world to more digital content that made us more aware of this difference! super read :)

    1. Of course it is the advent and the exponential growth of digitisation that has made the gap more apparent. Thanks Shweta for giving it a read. :)

  2. I understand this perfectly well particularly because I work with youngsters. The mess and noise of the marketplace won't appeal to youngsters; they are in search of meaningful depths.

    1. And meaning they might get outside the noise and pretentiousness of the crowd.


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